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Manic Street Preachers


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Manics rox !!! My fave songs used to be If you tolerate this and You stole the sun from my heart (i went dancing one day and this song started playing... couldn´t stop singing loud.. lol). But since I change my mind really fast, now it´s There by the grace of God.

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I have about 20 albums that I have on my list ... I have that list of 2003's best albums that I'm trying to maintain (for my own slefish reasons) and I feel I need to listen to about 20 more albums that were released this year before I can be happy with my list.

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Thanks, Vanessa. I'm going to try to start my own site by February ... music and mvoie reviews. Hopefully I can get a good emssageboard up and running there.


That's why I'm keeping these "best of 2003" lists ... those are going to be the first things I post on the site.

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