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Big Brother 6 ! The thread


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Yes I sure it will be good at one point they are doing the evil theme again !!!

This time there are see though walls, and the tables are see though as well...


So they wont be able to hide under the table if they want any nookie

plus heat seeking cameras so u can see what people are up to under the sheets...

No More secert masterbating ... they gonna go mad... !

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So far I find more of the annoying than likeable...

Sam --- mahwaaaa ****drools !

That Arsenal Fan is a cool dude...

Dererk Annoyed at first but in the end was OK..

And Roberto !



Anthony - Hopefully wont last long...

Vanessa --- Is the most anoying housemate from the onset ever !

That African Girl who calls her self a Princess-- I hope she goes soon as

That Lass from Huddlesfield with the big tits --- I hope she goes soon as too !


The rest of them I dont like espically that turkish dude... damm he looked like a woman !

And that witch woman Mary is Scary I gonna have nightmares about her... !


They are all mostly young possibly too young... !!

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