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coldplay concert special on muchmusic


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I saw the ad myself!!!! I got my mom to stop doing what she was doing and forced her to share in my excitement, ha. I've been watching Much the entire night just to see if I can see that preview again.


And on separate but equally good news, Coldplay debuted on MuchMusic's Countdown at #26! It's the Big One of the week (ie the one that debuted highest). :)

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This may be of interest to some people. I took this off the official board. Apparently, it will be re-aired a couple of times, here are the dates.


Sunday, June 5, 8pm & 11pm ET, 5pm & 6pm PT

Monday, June 6, 2pm ET, 11am PT

Thursday, June 9, 6pm ET, 3pm PT

Coldplay Live

NEW A MuchOriginal Special Presentation marking the highly anticipated return of Coldplay to Canada, and the upcoming launch of their newest album, "X&Y". The 'Coldplay LIVE' special taped on location in the evening during a rare club appearance at Toronto's Kool Haus. Tickets for this sole Canadian stop in their pre-album release schedule were sold out in just under one minute.

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All I have to say is that I am muy excited for June 5th because we Canadians seem to usually get screwed out of all of the good stuff, especially if you're not from Vancouver or the T-Dot. But, for some inexplicable reason, Coldplay has taken a liking to us (I'm thinking it's because of their love for the Arcade Fire who are from Montreal), and that suits me JUST fine.


Usually I am the one whining that I miss all of the good TV stuff and tours, but not this time!

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iomegadinket!!! your avie in Jean-Bob, my friend's emu!! well she named it...but anyways I fink im gonna watch it next Monday, unless I have my exam...then that means the only time I would be able to watch it would be next Sunday, which means id have to go to my moms house jsut to watch that...which is a very good reason to!

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:lol: i'm excited to see chris during clocks, when he turned around in his seat :P :D

so i heard i think that they are airing the WHOLE show, but somewhere else i heard that there were "selected" tracks from it. but it is an hour and a half...but i think there might also be some interviews or something....


anyone know for sure? :)

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