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X&Y (the track)


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i like it :) the strings at the end surprised me though! i'm just going through them now (just finished the track X&Y)


after i listen to the album a few solid listens through i'll decide what i think about all of them :P only one listen, i already forget what most of the song sounds like :lol:

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Wow The Hardest Part is a great song, i think NME called it "this years [The]Scientist". szuchy you're so diplomatic wish i was like that! but you're right i'm glad i've found some poeple who really like this song, puts a bid warm smile on my face :guitarist: :nice: :nice: :pleased: :pleased:

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i love this song, especially the tidal wave part... and how he waits before saying together... and then he holds it out to a crescendo... beautiful


very beatles-esque indeed


LOVE THIS SONG. The violins at the end=spinetingling :)

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