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Who in USA is watching CP on MTV?

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Did anyone else noticed in the "Ask Coldplay" show, that MTV fucked up the parts where the band was talking about the four part harmony in Fix You? They showed a clip of the song X&Y instead. Then, when they were talking later in the show, they showed the clip of Fix You that had the subtitle song name listed as "X&Y".


It's good to know the producers of the show pay attention to detail.

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I'm going to record it tonight when they replay everything at midnight on MTV2...i watched this and it was great, and askcoldplay cracked me up. especially chris telling jonny he was handsome, and the 15 year old kids getting beat up. :lol:

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Square One


What If

Speed of Sound

'Til Kingdom Come

A Message

Fix You

Clocks (encore)


If you missed it, no worries. MTV and MTV2 will have several showings



Ask Coldplay



Sun June 5 @ 7:30 pm (ET)

Wed June 8@ 12:30 am (ET)



Mon June 6 @ 12:00am (ET)

Mon June 6 @ 1:00pm (ET)

Mon June 6 @ 11:30pm (ET)

Thurs June 9 @ 8:30 am (ET)




Coldplay Live Leak



Sun June 5 @ 8:00 pm (ET)

Wed June 8 @ 1:00 am (ET)



Mon June 6 @ 12:30 am (ET)

Mon June 6 @ 1:30 pm (ET)

Tues June 7 @ 12:00 am (ET)

Tues June 7 @ 5:00 pm (ET)

Wed June 8 @ 3:00 am (ET)

Wed June 8 @ 9:00 pm (ET)

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Guest LiquidSky

They played Fix You, A Message, 'Till Kingdome Come, Low, Speed of Sound, Clocks..that's all I remember... :idea2:


Did anyone noticed that Chris had his shirt ripped? :stunned: :lol: that's embarrassing.. :blush:

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:o MTV Brazil showed different songs!!

NEW ONES: Square One, Speed of Sound, X&Y, What If and Fix You

OLD ONES: Clocks, Yellow and In My Place (and Chris risking himself to hug Noel :o )


Unfortunately I couldn't record it :( But probably somebody did! If we join our records we may have the whole gig!! :D

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