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Favorite Canadian Band...if you have one


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Melissa Auf der Maur - mediocre musician and lyricist' date=' but she's super cool. Her album had maybe two good songs, the rest of it was disappointing. She also loves Kyuss which makes her even cooler.[/quote']


And she is such a beautiful person.

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Well, since I live in Canada, I suppose I've heard all bands. I gotta say, Can. Music is not like american nor british music, it can be really good, but at the same time really boring if you listen to it all days. A really good canadian band in the moment is Nickelback, i want to say also Arcade Fire, but their album is mediocre. However, if you listen to Can. Music, you must not forget the French music (from Quebec). Bands like La Chicane Cowboys Fringants are not for missing.

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