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GTA San Andreas


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I've played this game... and, beyond the violence and whatever else there is... I just like the driving in it.

I couldn't believe there was a secret patch you could get to get pornographic stuff...

And now it's being pulled off the shelves so they can fix it...

What do people think about this? Is this kind of content objectionable in a game that's already "so horrible" as viewed by people that haven't even played it yet?








(wahoo.. first thread in the section.. my geek friends would be so proud :rolleyes: )

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Arnie go home

Erm yeah it's a good game, But they should of made it so when you have to do flying school, you could skip it if you had already got some skill in flying

(Which was possible as there are a couple of aircrafts left around, you just have to keep them for a long time)

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