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Actors You Like, That Cant Act


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So what actors can you forgive for not actually being able to act very well, because they are just so darn loveable and great characters?


Woody Harrelson is the man. I'll watch any movie with him in it. Kingpin is on right now. Hes not a horrific actor either, but hes not great at all.

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I love Woody Harrelson too. He was a good enough actor to play a character named "Woody" on Cheers. :lol:


Jude Law isn't very good... his American accent hurts my ears (as much as Matt Damon's British accent in the upcoming Brothers Grimm will probably hurt some of the people here). He's also an adulterous womanizing asshole. But even I'll admit he's a very attractive man. :lol:


My contribution is Jeff Goldblum, who is very good at nervous neuroticism and not much else, but who always delights me anyway.

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