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Best B-Side band?


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oasis have released some great songs as b sides


the masterplan

fade away


listen up

half the world away


(it's good) to be free

rockin chair

talk tonight

underneath the sky


some of the newer b sides are ok too

lets all make believe

eyeball tickler

thank you for the good times

(you've got) the heart of a star - this song is really good

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i've always liked the coldplay bside 'one i love' its brilliant.


I really like the b side on the trouble single a re recorded version of 'brothers and sisters'


'Animals' is good too, really dark sounding, same with 'murder'


i like 'help is around the corner' thats a nice little acoustic tune


but 'crests of waves' is in another league, thats a classic

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Best b-side band?Hmmm......Oasis for sure.


Who doesn't know Acquiesce, The Masterplan, Half The World Away, Talk Tonight, Step Out and the new one, Pass me down the Wine?great songs! and listen them live is out of this world...


Oasis my fav band since years, but Coldplay and Feeder got awesome b-sides too.



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