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4th Coldplay Album "Fast, Dark And Heavy"


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'X&Y' has been out for only two months, but it seems Coldplay are already thinking about their next CD, with Chris Martin explaining in an interview that he want things to get a lot darker in the future.


Speaking to the Chicago Sun Times, Chris Martin has explained his intentions to make Coldplay’s next album – the band’s fourth - a much more disturbing proposition than its predecessors.


When asked what it was like working with legendary Roxy Music keyboardist and Bowie and U2 collaborator Brian Eno, Chris Martin downplayed his involvement, but confessed it has influenced the possible future sound of the band.


“Well, working with Eno is really kind of an overstatement,” Chris explained, “He came in for one evening. The reason why it's good to have him on the record sleeve is that a lot of the music he wasn't there for was sort of inspired by the records he made 10 or 20 years ago. His presence adds a bit more to it, and also knowing about the way he works.


"This is all stuff I think we're about to embrace. We learned an awful lot making the last record, and hopefully we'll put it into practice if we ever go into the studio again. I want to get fast, dark and heavy, with no pianos. Not necessarily heavier in terms of Metallica, just a bit more powerful."


Source: XFM

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:stunned: I think it's a bit too early to be thinking about a 4th album Chris! :lol: No seriously, I don't think they should be thinking about a 4th album yet. And no piano? :cry: That's messed up....... :P Oh well, they'd better make it good........or else!!!! :evil:

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There goes Chris talking out his ass again! I wonder what he means by "heavy" though. I think some of their stuff is already fairly heavy, lots of guitar sounds. And Chris without a piano... Oh. I laugh. :lol:


(let's just hope I'm not eating these words in a few years! :o )

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No piano??? Hevier??? CRAP! :angry:


Well, but there's nothing i can do about it...if they wanna go that way...it's ovbiously their decision!

I think they lost it ever since chris decided to play the electric guitar! :cry:

That definitly will get more rumours about 'the new U2'. :/

Well, that's my honest opinion...i must add that i dindn't wake up quite positive today...........so don't quote it!!!

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I say yes... go for it. Impress me dammit.. because X&Y sure didnt do it for me.


Hear... hear. They'd better go all the way this time- X&Y was darker and heavier but parts of the album still sounded like they were in two minds about which direction they were going. I'd sure like them to be more experimental, it'd be interesting...

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Wow, so there will be a fourth album ! that's great !!

And for the absence of piano... well ... let's see ! I don't think it's really time to discuss about it now, they must finish their tour before, no ? ;)

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