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The BLING game!

Cold RadioMuse

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Re: d


^ Why don't have some fun... Pitch in a lil' bit. C'mon' date=' treat it as a little experiment on human nature, or if you like, a survey indicative of what kind of people Coldplay fans are :wink3:[/quote']


what do u mean? what are you talking about? :P


Haha... Sorry a little late here.


What I meant was to treat this bling-giving exercise as a way to see how humans react to various (unexpected) situations... I mean the obvious reaction to this one would be not to give bling and ask Cold RadioMuse to earn it instead. But on the other hand, bling serves not much purpose in real life... so people might not be too attached to it. Like me, I wouldn't really mind giving bling to anybody who asks, especially if he/she is a regular here or been uploading like crazy :D

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