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For Guy Fans!!The NO Gold Bag Lady Zone!!!


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Man, you know I really want to say I prefer the crazy poof afro look he had goin' on in 02-03. It was the first I ever saw of Guy, and oh. I was so very gone! :lol:


But lately I love his hair in this picture:



Yanno, not too short. Not too long. Just right.


:huh: I've got too much time on my hands. *goes off to lie down* :dizzy2:

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fine pic danielle, you can just see his cute face so much better with less hair :o . i would like to see him dressed in a really nice black tailored suit (without the damn scarves he is so fond of...). i think he would look awesome. (and yes, i have thought about this way too much :rolleyes: )

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:stunned: :idea2: the awful cousin!! :lol:



I think the best look for our lovely Guy is a good nice,brand new original t-shirt, jeans, adidas shoes and not too long-too short hair.... :wink3:




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Oh dear this isnt good........

I was watching the Live 2003 dvd AGAIN lastnight and :o WOWZA :o ....Guy....is......sooooo.....sexy.................!!!!!!!!!! I only find him really gorgeous when he's playing though, its something about the way he stands, he looks so fit, i dont know........eeeeeeeeeeek!!!! What have you guys done to me!?!?!

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