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AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I just looked at all the coldplay songs I have on my computer, which is like all of them besides the concerts and stuff :confused: but I just came to realize how many AMAZING songs this band has come out with.


I"m sure this has been mentioned over and over again, and repeated endlessly, but I just had to put it in writing somewhere. COLDPLAY IS THE BEST!


There's SO many songs that are just incredible, I can't even understand how a single band can come out with so many amazing hits. Thank you coldplay

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wtf i only got 46 - including the 3 albums and a live 2003 cd...


i dont have any b-sides or anything... :(


what are bootlegs? and why does an_cat have so many songs? are alot of them different Live cds?


Well, bootlegs are sort of like "fan recorded" material, or stuff that isn't released by the band themselves, etc etc.


I don't really have "bootlegs" or anything, just some live concerts I've downloaded (like Glastonbury, etc) and then all the b-sides and cover versions of songs that they've done.


I think that there was like a geocities.com site or something that had links to all these, but I can't remember the place! :cry:

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i have umm...uhh...more then 652 coldplay songs on my computer :P

well, that's all that's in my itunes list, but it's so much there's some stuff that isn't in there because it's not quite organized yet. i like keeping stuff organized, dates, venues, cities, all that stuff.

all of my stuff consists of recorded songs, tons of live bootlegs, remixes, collaberations, ect...

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