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I don't hate radiohead, but they're not that good


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I agree with the first post. They are alright but not the best. And I don't think they influenced

everyone in the nineties. Generation X grew up on Grunge and Alt. Rock - Nirvana, Pearl Jam,

Smashing Pumpkins, Phish, Nine Inch Nails and many others.

After this came the pop explosion - boy bands and teeny-bopper girls.



Sure Radiohead was influential, but not that much. :rolleyes3: :rolleyes4: :roll: :whip:

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hmm i like radiohead- but most of their fans are real 'rock snobs' and absolutely hate coldplay


Not true. On this board, i've met the Coldplay fans (duh) and those same people appreciate Radiohead as well. I'm one of them. I'll even be brave and admit that my love for Radiohead is stronger than it is for Coldplay. And hey, it's all right if you don't like Radiohead...even in the tinniest bit. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION. Let's not forget that folks.

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but ALMOST everybody on the board that loves radiohead, likes them more than coldplay.

Like, if asked: If one band had to go away forever and never comeback, would it be coldplay or radiohead, they would vote off coldplay.


plus I never said I didn't like radiohead, geez, just cause I don't love them doesn't mean I don't like them.


there are like

good bands: coldplay, oasis, the beatles

Okay bands: radiohead, verve, rolling stones, verve

not that good bands: interpol, muse, pulp,

bad bands: ashlee simpson, blur, robbie williams

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