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I went to the Coldplay concert in Zurich, Switzerland on Saturday.

All of a sudden Chris jumped down the stage and passed me by. Then I touched his arm..."ooooohhh my god" I thought " I'v touched Chris Martin". I started to shake. :o :o

I also throwed a letter on the stage. Will picked the letter up and gave it to Chris, he held it up, smiled and said "Thanks". Then he took the letter backstage. I hope they read it. I wrote a letter for Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will... I wrote them that I admire them, love them and this stuff.. :D :D

This was one of my most wonderful concerts I've ever had.. :)

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no way! i got to touch him to at the dallas show(btw does any1 have pics?)

for like 30 secs!!!! it was amazing!! i got to touch his happy trail! i was shaking and crying after...omg just thinking about it makes me happy and excited

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I remember at the Atlanta Coldplay concert, some girls made a sign that read "Guy Put A Smile Upon My Face" and held it up. Chris saw it and told them to bring it up to the stage. Then Chris started on how Guy was "a 27y/o sex god", and all the while Guy was blushing like a little school boy. He told Guy to start off God Put A Smile Upon Your Face because of the sign's honor award. After formally introducing Guy, Chris mentioned that he wouldn't introduce the rest of the band "because that would be cheesy as fuck." hahaha Only Chris could make that sound absolutely classic. :lol:


That's really awesome about the letter though! Go you!!!

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