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you guys.. he/she has a right to his opinion....



I will say this... Coldplay doesn't even compare to those bands they mentioned.. its a completely different genre and time...


Is corperate America trying to create the perfect music... of course.. they want to get rich!! :lol: But Coldplay isnt a pawn in their game.. just see how long it took for X&Y to come out.. because the boys weren't satisfied with the artistic integrity of their music... they scrapped it all and started over... AGAINST THEIR LABELS WISHES!!


I say, just ignore posts like this if you don't have anything constructive to say. However it is refreshing to read something other than Coldplay mushy love for the band..

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Well I hope no one's getting upset about this, all you have to do is read the first sentence and decide if you want to read the rest. I, personally, didn't. lmfao. I have this very selfish world view, that if someone doesn't share my opinion then... why should I care? *shrug* If we want to have a legitimate argument about... whatever this is about, then ok. I'm all for it. But to just blah blah blah Coldplay sucks blah blah Coldplay rocks blah blah. It's all very :snore:



It doesn't stop me from posting this smiley though, because honestly, when is there ever a bad time for this one? :whatever: :wacky:


Right. I'm done. *goes off into corner with knitting needles*

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I didn't mean to insult anyone's taste in music Coldplay came on the radio for the zillionth time today and it pissed me off. I was probably unfair in just picking on them only (though I really don't like them). People should be free to like what they like which is why I'm pissed.....


It used to be many moons ago that bands had huge local following before record exec's would take notice of a band. These days they go out looking to sign what they think the public wants such and such an image and such and such a sound. Bands shouldn't have to be about 'fighting the man', unfortuneately today they do; there is a culture war being waged today and anyone who would deny that is either blind, naive or complicit. There is no way that if Audioslave or Velvet Revolver didn't contain pre-established musicians they would be on the radio at all. The mainstream seeks to 'contain' the harder edge so it is more easily packaged and manageable. Like putting a moderate as the opposition in a debate, the debate is more easily managed to your ends.


There is just nothing out there but mush and cheese making it to the airways these days.


One would expect that in our age of p2p and mesh networks we would have some diversity out there for those of us who need the hard stuff but it's the same old tired suits calling the shots. As I understand it though there were people in the 1930's who didn't believe airplanes existed and swore they would never use a telephone. So maybe by the year 2035 we will have some better selection to the masses.


Anyways, I'm not a total asshole just a part-timer.

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I understand where you're coming from. I've dealt with people hating Coldplay around me and being judgemental towards my musical tastes for the past 4 years. Nothing new and no skin off my nose. I appreciate your opinion, and I hope you appreciate ours. It's obviouse, though, that when you joined here you had passive aggressive motives to this thread. You should expect an influx of negative feedback.


I agree with you when you say that there's a lot of shit out there, but there are also some real gems. I've noticed there's this strange barrier between different fans of music. There's those who glorify the past while the future dries up, and there are those who latch onto anything, no matter how much it reeks, just because it's in the now and "fresh". Then there are people like me, who just listen to whatever the hell they want. Not because of any media biase or whatever. I don't listen to a band because they're popular. I don't listen to a band because they're undiscovered. That's a load of hogwash, if you ask me. The number of records a band sells doesn't make them popular. And being some sort of indie band just playing tiny clubs doesn't make them any good.


There's an interesting dillemma, I feel, in the music world today. The musicians aren't trying to prove themselves, but the fans are. It's just something I've noticed. Everybody's so busy looking for the next "ground breaking" album, or the next "big bang" that they're missing everything.


All in all, I very much respect your opinion and where you're coming from. I agree with you to some extent and I like how you defend your argument. I like when people try my patience, it's a good workout :lol: ;)

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I get it, I get it.


an_cat already said what I was about to say: If you post an "OMG I HATE THIS," you're gonna get an "OMG STFU" back most of the time.


And if you're going to sign up to all the hated artists' forums, you've got a loooooot of other places to be. ;)

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i've yet to hear a song from 'X&Y' on the radio, malls, stores, restaurants, t.v, etc...(except for 'fix you' on a promo for Extreme Makeover:Home Edition)....i swear, i'm not kidding...and i do have a life and socialize with humans :lol:


should i be worried that i'm going deaf and/or senile? :confused:

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I've heard Coldplay on the radio, but I've heard Audioslave and Velvet Revolver a whole lot more.


And Coldplay came along in a time where manufactured angst (Papa Roach and Linkin Park) and hip-hop ruled the radio. That's one reason why they became so big. Not because it was the "thing" to be sincere. Because they were singing about something different and had organic instruments in their songs instead of synthesizer beats and drums.


And even though Coldplay is surrounded by staff they still keep the band just the four of them and never, never let anyone else into the writing process.


And I agree with an_cat. I don't listen to Coldplay because they're popular, or to be cool, because God knows I get critisized enough for being a Coldplay fan to make anyone want to never listen to their music again. A fact that I personally find as a gross reality in the world. I love Coldplay so much because their music speaks to me. I don't listen music because they're "fighting a system" or they don't get any air time on the radio. I don't care.


I mean, take my other favorite band, Sigur Ros. Hardly anyone's ever heard of them and they never get any air time.


People are so judgemental. If I like Coldplay it doesn't automatically put me into being a fan of Green Day and 50 Cent or something.



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Scipio' date=' your problem is that you listen to the radio. :)[/quote']


Rule Number One For All Fans of True Music:






If I put on the radio, it's to put on the local classic rock station and that's it. And this other random one that plays a lot of Coldplay and U2.... :lol: :rolleyes: But really, you're not ever going to find any great new bands by listening to the radio. Ever heard of "payola"? That's not the music people want to hear, being played. It's just the music that belongs to music execs who can pay off the bigwigs who put the discs on rotation.


I have a lot more faith in music than I should, maybe. But who cares.


I think a lot of people don't feel the earthquake until it's over. I think that a lot of the shit that came around in the late ninties (I'm talking Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, etc etc) and early... 00s (?!?!) is on it's way out. There are a lot of groups out now who are writing their own material again, playing their own instruments. That's more than we can say about NSYNC, who used to dominate the mainstream. These bands might not be what's "HAPPENING" now, but does that change what they're doing? And if they are in the mainstream, then does THAT change what they're doing?


Only time will tell, I guess.

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I've heard Coldplay on the radio, but I've heard Audioslave and Velvet Revolver a whole lot more



frostbitepanda....it's funny that you mention audioslave because a couple of months back, there was some controversy with the band's label (sony music) because the executives at sony gave radio stations free tickets, trips to exotic locales, and other lavish gifts so that audioslave and other bands/singers have more airplay.

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Nothing today will ever compare to the power of Alice in Chains??????????




pffff............. a ridiculous band which just get a bit of sucess because nirvana, pearl jam and all that grunge.

that patetic singer used to sing as he was dying. nice he did!


now, please... GET OUT.


you are fuckin messed up in the head or what ?

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Hence why Coldplay has never said a bad word against a band or musical artist.


Opinions are fine. But political statements are not.


You don't know what the fuck are you talkin about.

Don't you remember what chris said about System of a down ?

You are a newbie to coldplay

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