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I just had to write and say how much I HATE Coldplay! Sensing the loss of 1990's talent (Layne Staley, Shannon Hoon, Andrew Wood etc...) the record exec's manufacture shit like this and stuff it down the publics throat.


How much time went into Chris Martin's make-up? Are these guys rejected Dolce and Gabbana models? Does the band even give Chris an excuse to attempt a falsetto or are they really that weak? How much did their exec's have to pay the DJ's for radio play? Where is the conviction? Where is the soul?


Nothing today will ever compare to the power of Alice in Chains, the sorrow of Shannon Hoon or the bleakness of Soundgarden. All we have left is Audioslave and Velvet Revolver (God bless them as they fight a losing battle against boring music into the dark night).


The real losers are the youth of the 00's who have nothing to call their own but rehashed Gangsta-rap formula, jailbait models doubling as singers, twenty year old techno beats, endless cover versions of 80's hits, Nickelback whinning about failed relationships and Chris Martin's souless, weak voice.


"the modern world is a commie-capitalist shithole with no soul" ;

~Duff Mckagan

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Nothing today will ever compare to the power of Alice in Chains??????????




pffff............. a ridiculous band which just get a bit of sucess because nirvana, pearl jam and all that grunge.

that patetic singer used to sing as he was dying. nice he did!


now, please... GET OUT.

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^ Yeah... they're really Dolce & Gabbana. I can totally see where you're coming from.


I hate pretencious pricks who think that music has to be some kind of fight against the system. Please stop taking yourself so seriously. People who really know music and love it and get it and understand it are the people who don't go to other sites to dump on other people's tastes. Music is somone's identity and it's not anyone's job to tell anyone else that their music is shite because they're sucessful at what they do.


Hence why Coldplay has never said a bad word against a band or musical artist.


Opinions are fine. But political statements are not.

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