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Who is the best on this forum?


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i've only recently had the pleasure of getting to know her but already she means a hell of a lot to me, and i look forward to getting to know her more and more.

one day i'm sure she will get what she truly deserves...










...guy berryman :P

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Simon (hes been ma mate ever since i came here and i just love him)


james ( hes been a really good mate for me too during this shitty week and hes just real sweet)


Ginger (she became a good friend to me and i definetly wanna keep contact with her)


Vicky (i trust her and i tell her everything..shes a sweetie and sorry i forgot to mention u)


cant wait to meet up with you guys your are the best xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Angie, cos she trusts me and she's luffly, and because she luffs

Simon, and anyone who's a friend of Si's is a friend of mine!! :D

Sarah (Sweety) - I'm going to meet her TOMORROW! :P

Kat - we have been through a lot together ;) :D

Chris (Radi0ed) - he's me new mate, he loves music and he's such fun! :lol:

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