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Which single REALLY should have got to number 1???

bohs man

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We all think every Coldplay song should go to number 1,but if you had to choose one song that really really should have been a number 1 which would you choose????Although my favourite Coldplay song is God Put A Smile Upon Your Face,I think Speed Of Sound really should have went to number 1.


Thanks for listening.


Bohs Man.


P.S. I cant put every single as an option because the maximum allowed in a poll is 10.

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Ok so as SOS was the number one (that damn crazy frog doesn't exist for me) I choose The Scientist..don't really know why' date=' but that's it :P[/quote']


sorry the last one didnt came out well :p what frog areu talking about ?:D:P

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ok, not to sound weird but i dont think i would have want any of them...Cause it shows coldplay are so much better than all the other 'Singles artists' that plague our charts today. Coldplay are so much more!


i think proving your album is great is far more inportant that singles charts, and thats proven by the people that beat coldplay to number one...Darius where is he now? Crazy Frog what happened to him? Pussycat dolls...nuff said!!!!!

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