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a sketch...


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okay, i think I'm gonna give up on this thing. O.o




well, i was really dumb and decided to make this drawing a bit small--but now it's hard as heck to draw their faces. It took me forever to get Chris's face, and it looks like crap since I kept erasing, and Guy, Will, and Jonny's faces are so small on my 1/6 sheet of paper or something that I can't really make any precise pencil marks so anything i draw doesn't resemble them beause of the mushy pencil marks.




i'm sad that i can't really finish this--it was going so well :bigcry:

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Its great as it is too though (however they meaning could be misinterpreted i.e Chris most famous while the rest are not so they are not fully drawn)


It puts me in mind of the Drive music video by Incubus.


It would be cool if you had a sequence(like victaniac's siggy) of this image showing the stages of creating the final piece.

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