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How Many Bathrooms Are In Your Household?


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Haha actually we have two, but it's very very unusual for russian people :uhoh2:


We have two 'cos when we moved here we had 5 members in family so we made one more bathroom :wacky:

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Guest Grace


it's not very common in germany to have more than two actually.

we're not like americans who need one in every single bedroom ... :rolleyes:

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Guest Grace

naaah? what for?

i like my family and i have no problems to use the same bathroom :dozey:

whatever ...

people in the usa need EVERYTHING ...

they need their own car by the time they'll turn sixteen

they need their own bathroom

they need their own credit card

it's nuts

people here appreciate little things and they'd go totally crazy if they had their own car!

that's so off topic now ... +___+

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