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I have to go get my mouth poked now...


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haha im eating grapes and it hurts sooooooo bad because the tooth i had to get filled well he said for the next week it will be sensitive to anything cold so go figure....grapes.....when he gave me the shot to numb my mouth he went soooooo deeep ive NEVER been able to feel it but i did today....thank god today was my LAST visit before the orthedonist to get my braces :-D but when i think about braces :(

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i had braces for what seemed like a thousand years. not to make you worry, but it HURTS LIKE HELL getting those things removed. i think... wait, i can't even remember. maybe that was the retainer they cemented onto my teeth.


jesus i really had an ugly mouth. it's pretty now. but i have to question whether it was worth all the hell i went through to have a nice smile. :roll:

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there are worse things in life' date=' like getting your JAW BROKEN! i'll be doing that in less than a year! woo![/quote']

why hun ?


my stupid jaw is aligned wrong! damn you nature! so they are going to shift the bottom jaw forward, and the top jaw back, and voila! a perfect smile.


oh the pain.

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