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Sweet One

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You didn't like Zoolander???? I saw it in the theatres like the 2nd week it was out....i only thought it was funny because it was so ridiculously stupid...that..and the fact that i have a strange attraction to Ben Stiller...lol..don't ask..i'm messed in the head....


I saw " Lord of the Rings" and i thought it was so cool....


"Serendipitiy", eh? hmm....I am usually a sap for a good romantic comedy...lol 8)

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oh yeah i love edward norton too....especially in american history x......

i havnt seen monsters inc either...

i just saw this movie devil's backbo or devil's backbone? i dont know what its called i just ordered off payperview....

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The Road Home. It's a foreign film...a very sweet and good movie.

I also recommend the animated movie Ice Age. :D

There are more movies I can think of, but too many to name.... :)

a road home sounds familiar. :shock:


haha i think i've seen it.

or maybe something with a similar title :shrug:

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it's great thread, is there any more?


anyway here is my list:


The Departed

August Rush


The Italian Job


Finding Neverland

Mamma Mia

The Shining

A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Pursuit of Happiness

Saw (1, 2, 3)


Scent of a Woman

Forrest Gump

V For Vendetta

The Dark Knight

El Orfanato

p.s. I Love You

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