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LP4 song order


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1.Yes! 2. 42 3. Cemeteries of London 4. Violet Hill 5.LeftRightLeftRightLeft

6. Glass of Water 7. Lost! 8. Poppy Fields 9. Famous Old Painters 10. Rainy Day.


There's no guarantee that these will be the tracks, in fact I expect there might be closer to 8/9 tracks if they want it to be 42 minutes.

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The only track that sounds like an opener just from the title is "Yes!", or maybe "42". "Rainy Day" seems like it would be the somber closing track, like "Chicago At Night" on Spoon's Girls Can Tell or "Mothers Of The Disappeared" on The Joshua Tree.


It's likely that they'll have a hidden track, too, given that 66% of their albums have in the past.

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Yeah, the names are so exotic compared to their other albums that it's so tough to judge. Two songs with exclamation points? and what am I to make of leftrightleftrightleft? will it be another twisted logic or more of a dance tune?


I made yes! first because not much else seemed to fit...I'm guessing it will be more in the direction of a peppy lively 15 steps-esque track.


I think the title track has more importance on the overall attitude of the album than previous one's like parachutes and X&Y so I put 42, thinking it will be the shiver of the album with that great solo Chris has been hyping about.


Cemeteries of london will be the spies of the album. I put it early on because it's rumoured to be a possible first single.


It goes from that to hopefully a lighter note with the soothing violet hill.


Then it heats back up again with LeftRightLeftRightLeft which seems to inspire energy of some sort.


Then comes glass of water which I expect will be a medium paced song, but it's a tough guess.


Lost! obviously seems scary and minor key-ish so it seemed to fit here as a sort of "low". than poppy fields because it makes me think of strawberry fields and might be a sort of swallowd in the sea equivalent. Famous old painters came next because I felt like it, and Rainy day naturally sounds like a closer. Isn't it fun putting this much thought and speculation over something you know nothing about?

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Where have you guys listened to the tracks? I've not been around in a while and low and behold was lying in bed this morning wondering what month the new album would drop this year and so I got online here (used to be avid user on old Coldplay.com) and found that some of the songs have been leaked? True? Have you guys heard some of them?

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Remember that 42 is going to be 42 minutes long, and considering how parachutes was ten songs long and close to 52 minutes... I expect there'll be more like 8 tracks, 9 at the most. But remember they do plan to release two singles outside of the album afterwards, and there's still room for all those awesome b-sides ;)

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  • 3 years later...
Life In Technicolor

Cemeteries Of London



Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love


Viva La Vida

Violet Hill

Strawberry Swing

Death And All His Friends


Just speculating a bit...


You forgot to add Chinese Sleep Chant

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