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Chris: I would imagine your role in the band as being (referring to Jonny)... if you were to imagine looking out onto a beach and you see one idiot on a jet-ski, that's me... the one doing all those somersaults and nonsense on a jet-ski... I hate jet-skis. Then in the very distance you see this massive oil tanker and that's jonny, that's jonny, solid.

Jon: The salt of the world.

Chris: Okay, in the very distance you see this massive rice tanker.

Lesily: What about Will and Guy?

Chris: Guy's a little yacht just behind the jet-ski, and Will's an oil rig so far out you can't possibly see it... but you know he's there. That's a terrible analogy.

Jon: I thought Guy's was quite good.

Chirs: A yacht! Just behind the jet-ski... I hate yachts... I hate yachts and jet-skis but I love


Talk about "out there"!! :)

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It's possible that this was added before - this quote was from Chris during an interview on MTV.




Comparing X&Y to ARBTTH or Parachutes is like comparing a tin of biscuits to a whale - you can do it, but it's not (pause) tangible.

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those are really good. One i thought was funny was from MTV's ask coldplay. JOnny says " Only reason people talk to us is because of our music"

Chris" well and your handsomeness"

Jonny" Oh yeah"

Chris " well its what about 50/ 50 for you"

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