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I can't rememeber the exact words but at the melbourne concert Chris was talking about how he didn't like people using coldplays music in advertisments or to sell stuff or whatever... he then went on to say that it would be ok if someone used their music in a curing baldness commercial because then it would make more sense. Haha... he's a funny fella :)

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Yeah I know what you're saying Marie... they seemed to have used "clocks" in a lot of add's eg: the rugby world cup (which they now have to quote "coldplay: clocks" at the bottom of) and in a trailor for a new movie.


Another one of Chris's comments that I found amusing was during an australian interview. He said he was talking with his grandpa one day and his grandpa was critising his lyrics saying that he needed to write lyrics with more substance (or something along those lines) and chris ended up saying in a very perplexed voice ".... but what about yellow? Everyone likes yellow!?" hee hee.


Tell me if it's a "had to be there" sorta thing... and I won't post anymore ok? :lol:

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hehe yeah i heard that somewhere.


here's one:


radio person: and i don't mean to say this because i'm an engaged girl but you have the most amazing blue eyes i've ever seen.


chris: ah thanks a lot. i think it's the light in here. i mean also the surgery i had so thanks a lot.

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lol thats kewl i heard that interview



young men can see young women and then go off into the night and have children." JONNY LAUGHING "and please if you are underage wear a condom" JONNY AND GUY STILL LAUGHING"Now if you are 17 and forgot to wear a condom this song is for, this song is called trouble"

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