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all these quotes by chris


"I know I'm supposd to be a cool rock star,but I'm fu**ing bleesed"


"I'm obsessed with records where the tunes are effort lessly brilliant"


"Hitler thought he was doing great things for the world,and yet we'd all say no!! he was doing terrible things"


"if you sit with coldplay for half an hour,I'm the only one you'll get an impression of because I'm a loudmouth idiot"



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Interviewer: So, will you be playing at the wedding...?

Chris: (genuinely confused) What wedding?

Interviwer: Is there going to be a wedding this year, maybe?

Chris: What wedding? (suddenly realising) Oh...oooh....oh...erm

Jonny: No I'm definitely not getting married.


^^^I love that 'cos Jonny helps him out when he gets all flustered. Soo cute :blush:


Interviewer: I love those shows, I love hearing about Ozzy snorting ants and stuff.

Chris: Yeah...but I can tell you from experience that an ant doesn't really get you high.


Interviewer: (to Chris and Jonny) Do you two still live together?

Chris and Jonny: NO!!

Chris: That was a mistake wasn't it?

Jonny: We definitely get on better apart.

Chris: Yeah, just because you can share a stage it doesn't mean you can share a bed.


Jonny: (talking about Minstrels) Not that we're advertising them....but they do pay us a lot to talk about them.

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Chris: Cows have a hard time in Britain


Chris: (talking about his singing teacher) Biggup me woman Mary


Chris: Even Jonny, who's such a shy boy, has starting swinging his hips


Interviewer: When your music comes on the radio do you switch it off?

Chris: Always!! Except once when I was in trouble with my girlfriend and she made me sit and listen to it as a punishment.


Interviewer: Would you like to work with Destiny's Child?

Will:(in a dirty voice) Oh yeah, we'd REALLY like to work with Destiny's Child

Interviewer: That's a bit sleazy

Will:(shyly)Oh, I'm only joking

Guy: Jon wasn't (Jonny bursts out laughing)


Interviewer:(backstage at Brits 2001) So which award do you most want to win?

Will: An Oscar

Chris:(laughing) I think he meant which Brit award Will

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Interviewer: Are kids on the cards?

Chris: I don't know, I might be infertile. I've got no idea


Chris: (talking about the 'rock/car' incident) It just gets to the point where if you wanna go outside and walk and there's four people watching...it's boring, it's so boring for people listening. It's just a weird thing to have people...uh..trying to watch you have a milkshake or something. I mean it's really odd, especially when they're really aggressive about it and sometimes you just...uh...accidently...uh..hit something.


Chris:(talking about his Dad) He loves it...I mean his favourite thing to do is to talk to young girls after the concert. He claims it's market research.

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