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Female interviewers coming on to Chris :o :o :


Interviewer: I don't mean to say this because I know I'm an engaged girl, but you've got the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen. Wow

Chris: Uh thanks......erm...I think it's the lights in here...or the surgery I had, so thanks alot :blush:


Interviewer: Last time I spoke to you we were kinda talking about how we were dating you and I...like I was your girlfriend

Chris: Uh-huh

Interviewer: We might have to break up, I keep seeing these pictures of you with someone else...

Chris: Oh, don't worry about it

Interviewer: Don't worry about it?

Chris: We're just friends. You and me are still on, big time.

Interviewer: Oh, OK I just wanted to make sure.

Chris: I don't call because my phone is broken in England

Interviewer: That's why you don't call? And then there was that blackout, I know you couldn't get through then...

Chris: Basically I collected all these e-mails that I'd written to you, these love letters and I thought I won't send them over time, I'll just write a hundred or so and then send them at once and I sent them the day of the blackout, sorry.

Interviewer: Dammit!

Chris: There was a lot of poetry in there...

Interviewer: Really, you wanna tell me one?

Chris: Yeah, it goes like this (clears throat) Julie...a flower (bursts out laughing) I can't remember, but it had flowers in it, it was rubbish.

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Word association with interviewer:


Interviewer: Ocean...

Chris: ...colour.

Interviewer: Yellow...

Chris: ...blue.

Interviewer: Freedom...

Chris: ...Travis.

Interviewer: Sex...

Chris: ...ugh..I've...I've run out of words.


Chris: You're great, I think you're great 'cos you like our band. Which of course is the only credential for quality of person.

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http://coldplay.till-morning.net/quotes/ is full of really funny quotes


Here are some more Chris and Jonny quotes from the 99X interview. This was posted by someone on the official site


[On the roles of the members of the band]

Chris: I would imagine your role in the band as being (referring to Jonny)... if you were to imagine looking out onto a beach and you see one idiot on a jet-ski, that's me... the one doing all those somersaults and nonsense on a jet-ski... I hate jet-skis. Then in the very distance you see this massive oil tanker and that's jonny, that's jonny, solid.

Jon: The salt of the world.

Chris: Okay, in the very distance you see this massive rice tanker.

Lesily: What about Will and Guy?

Chris: Guy's a little yacht just behind the jet-ski, and Will's an oil rig so far out you can't possibly see it... but you know he's there. That's a terrible analogy.

Jon: I thought Guy's was quite good.

Chirs: A yacht! Just behind the jet-ski... I hate yachts... I hate yachts and jet-skis but I love tankers and rigs.

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