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just ordered it, if amazon don't deliver by tomorrow morning i will be angry....




They still haven't dispatched it. *sharpens knive, purchases scream mask*


If they don't do so today i may just get REALLY ANGRY...

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HEY....last night, someone i barely know, sent me and my friend a text, saying she couldn't go to see Athlete in Newcastle at the Baltic. So me and My friend, Luke, got to see Athlete. It was Excellent. It was really hard to get the tickets apparently, you had to search around, or be 'in the know'.

they're playing another small gig tomorrow, Feb 6th: Liverpool, Bar & Grill.

you can get tickets from these places if you know where they are, and IF [that's an Insanely BIG IF] the tickets are not sold out.: Quirks Records, Crosby, Formby, Ormskirk, Quantum Records.

The Sound was one of the best live sounds i've heard, it was in quite an exclusive place, and there was only around 150 people allowed to be in the gig.

I think i liked the gig even more because i wasn't expecting to go, the adrenalin that went around my body was insane, i felt like i was going to pop...especially when they played things from the first album, because i've not really heard the new album yet.


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the new album is stunning


modern mafia is great, esp the "they're scared of us, they're scared of us" bit

wires and trading air are current faves...




"I love everybody here

I love everybody here

I love everybody here

And life is beautiful

cos I love everybody here"

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hmm...afer owning the album for a few weeks now...i've made my mind up, and i don't really like it :/ I listened to it quite a few times...and I don't really like it at all compared to the first album! Does anyone else think the same...or am i just a loner.. :bucktooth:

When i saw them live, the songs i really liked were the earlier ones, but i thought i would just need time for the album to grow on me..but it's not that :sad2:

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well, there is 1 really lovely song that i Do like quite a bit quite early into the album...the Wires single, was fairly average i thought..i like the last song on the album too...with the electronic sounds [i think it's the last one]

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