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I'd never heard of them until the day I read that they'd be the support act of Keane at their show in Winterthur last Sunday...! :)

That's why I actually thought I might have a listen to them and immediately fell in love with their music! I only had to listen to their album "Tourist" one time and it was love at first "listen" - which actually doesn't happen to me that often as it usually takes me some time to grow fond of a whole album... ;)

So I was pretty much looking forward to seeing them live and well, what should I say? They were totally awesome! Their performance was great and they seem to be very sympathetic guys, too! :) Joel actually talked quite a lot as well. He also told us that one of their new songs (Black Swan Song) was about his grandpa... I think that was quite moving and so are the lyrics! :) Here's the video to it which I made on Sunday: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-49WaNfEYtU]Black Swan Song[/ame]

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I just got round to getting the new album, Black Swan.


Don't like it. At all.



The fact that I hate it really depresses me, because I love all their previous albums, and I love the band and I think I might even be a bit in love with Joel (his voice makes me melt!). So listening to this very mediocre 'generic' kinda alt-rock (think Snow Patrol's latest effort) after brilliant songs like You Got the Style, The Outsiders, Wires and pretty much 90% of the songs from their other albums, I just feel like I want to pretend this album never happened.



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I miss this band, I've decided. I don't care if they're pretty unremarkable Coldplay soundalikes. Tourist was the first album I bought myself on CD in 2005, and I still particularly love Twenty Four Hours. What a song :D Wires was goood too.

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