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Found some new stuff on COLDPLAY.COM


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how the HELL did you come across that?


and if this truly means anyone can mess around with the site, this could be very, VERY bad. if you don't need a password to update it or anything...i forsee SEVERAL new 2008 stars in the future :confused:


EDIT: ok, semy and i have been messing with it a bit, and it kicks you out every time you try to do something serious, like post something, so at least that's a good sign. no fake stars or anything, or at least it's not likely.


still: really interesting find! :D

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^AMENDMENT: hmm. well you can mess with it a little. NOT good. i really, really hope no one does, because that's just not right, and they're going to make a lot of people confused, disappointed, and upset if this truly is what i think it is.


i kind of want them to see we can access this ASAP so they can fix it and everyone can't access it anymore, because this could get ugly. not to mention in SERIOUS trouble.

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hmm all of the sections are the same as they are on the new website. this is kind of overlooked but both here and on the screenshots we saw of the new site there is a section called postcards... what do you guys think this section is about? any relation to that unreleased track 'postcards from far away'?

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if i was bad enough, i would be seriously tempted to put in ridgefield, CT as a tour stop. not that there's ANYWHERE they can possibly play there, but i'd gladly let people sit on my lawn to watch if they would give the concert in my garage.


ohhh goodness, guys, PLEASE no one mess with this! i don't want to have to start second-guessing the official site's news too...

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