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Music "piracy"...!


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i think downloading is great for when you want to find rare b-sides and live tracks. but i'm the kind of person that actually don't like having burn cd's. they're good for making mix cd's, because you know, some artists have songs where you might just like one song off their albums and you don't want to waste your money getting their whole album that you won't listen to other then that one song. but I love having the real cd, with the sleeve and pictures and sometimes lyrics. it just feels better having it, i don't know why. :shrug:

But yeah, that's how I feel. Piracy is great though, it really is. If I didn't have this thing for having real cd's I'd probably have tons of burns.

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Looking for Live Coldplay shows/videos to share??


You have to check out the Coldplay hub! (if you like live shows/shns)



Join the Coldplay file sharing hub today! Here you can share anything Coldplay. Simply go to Neo-Modus.com and download the Direct Connect program. After installed, run the program and type in coldplay.dynip.com into the address field of the connection window. Make sure you use port 411. You will be able to find tons of Coldplay shn's, mp3's, mpegs, etc.


There's also a great Dave Matthews Band hub. Type in dmbshare.org



Check It Out!!!

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Here's what Chris has to say about music piracy:


"We have nothing but positive things to say about internet piracy. The only time that I don't think it should happen is when people are hearing things that we don't think are really good. Personally, I really like buying albums. I got the Oasis album free, but I went and bought it as I thought it would be fun. "

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Man, I played a joke on my best friend the other day...I sent her an anonymous email thingie. I made up an untrackable email address ([email protected]) and told her she had violated Code 2.1189 of the Act of Piracy of NS and would be arrested on Monday :lol:

I told her it was fake afterwards though


You naughty girl 8) You know that was my idea :D ! Anyway, going along with the topic, I only make mix CDs every now and then from downloaded music, but I was reading somewhere that the U.S government is gonna start MONITORING downloads on Kazaa, so watch out.

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