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Do you like "Ode to Deodorant"?


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What do you guys think of it? Chris said it was shit. But, to be honest I would've liked it if it was on Parachutes. Although, it really couldn't since it wouldn't fit well with the rest of the album.


To me it's pretty catchy.

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I really like it. Ok so the lyrics are a bit naff, but its a great piece of music. I love the end! I would personally give it... about an 7.8/ 10 :cool:


And while we're on the subject of old songs.



Give us SO SAD!



I like it a lot think its a good song.

Would be nice to have so sad , but dont think there is any chance of that happening. Great shame really as from the short clip it sounds like a great song.

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when i first heard it i thought it was pretty different. after a couple more plays i reckon it is fairly good. however i couldn't see it on parachutes, it just has a completely different feel to it and just wouldn't have fit in.


it is a pretty funky song though lol.

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Musically it's fantastic. If I didn't speak English, I would say it was among their best songs.


Unfortunately, I do speak English. And lie awake at night wondering why, WHY did Chris have to mess up such a great song writing about deodorant. No I don't. But seriously, WHY?

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