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Perez Hilton on Coldplay...


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perez hilton doesnt like the new coldplay cd but wtf does he know?? there are quite a few people who stick up for them which makes me so happy... go see for yourself :)




(first of all he cant spell for shit....'colpday') my personal favorite so far is:



Thank God it's "Colpday" and not Coldplay. Not that you'd be able to recognize good music if it had two fingers up your ass…

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perez hilton listens to crap like the jonas brothers. what's a 30 year old gay man doing listening to the jonas brothers?


like he knows anything about music...






that's the real gay.

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He probably listened to it once in that crappy web rip quality whilst dying his hair. Like he would have any sort of intelect to form some sort of review rather than sounding like a 7 year old saying it "sucks".


Be relieved he doesn't like the same music as you.

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