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Let's Play Coldplay ABC Game

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LET'S PLAY Coldplay ABC Game!!!

RULES: It's easy. You put a thing or song or name related to Coldplay. You CANNOT put for example with A: "...And nothing else compares" it has to be a thing, a name or song. If there's nothing to put you have to put a picture and continue with the next letter, of course in alphabetical order. For example


with A: Amsterdam (as the song in AROBTTH)


Now you go on with B...let's play now!!!GOOD LUCK!!!

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Good one, Michael!

In the end, we lie awake and we dream of making our escape SUCH BEAUTIFUL LYRICS HERE!!!!

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K is for Kites :D


Except to go kite flying on Sunday afternoons. My brother gave me a kite and it’s brilliant. It’s so relaxing and powerful. Really we should be shooting up some crack cocaine on a daily basis, but kite flying is just as much of a buzz. Kites: They rock.--Chris Martin

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