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Rolling Stone: 3.5/5 Stars


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There wasn't enough cowbell for them.


hahahaha, oh man. i think on LP5, there NEEDS TO BE MORE COWBELL :P


i expected 3.5 stars, but i had high hopes. whatever, they're usually pretty good reviews; not nearly as snarky as other places. i do trust them on the most part, even though i do disagree on occasion.


either way, i'm looking forward to reading it, and i think the painting that they're almost guaranteed to do could be nice too :D

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I love My Morning Jacket, but Evil Urges IMO wasn't a 4/5 record. Even if it was, Viva La Vida was a much better album. To be honest, I kind of expected better reactions for this album. I know lots of critics complained X & Y was "too much of the same" - and when Coldplay changed it up, well..I just thought they would be all over it.


Oh well. It's the fans opinions that really matter. And from what I gather, most of us LOVE Viva La Vida. :D

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viva la vida is better than the DCFC album.... (and i really like death cab... )


i really REALLY liked the death cab album, more than most people, so i'm having a hard time saying which is better. i think they're about the same in terms of what they do for the artists and what they were trying to do...


my point is that if DCFC got 4 stars, than coldplay should too, but i can't say i'm really complaining about the 3.5. that's the avereage for well-loved albums by the fanbase these days. i think this is an AMAZINGLY well-loved album by the fanbase, a loved album for most casual listeners and new fans, and a liked album by the critics. that's how these things usually work, and in that sense, i think that 3.5 is acceptable.

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I can't say I'm thrilled but its still a decent score and hey they gave the new portishead album a 3.5 so at least coldplay is in very good company. Both are albums that deserve at least a 4 though.

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