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When did you loose your virginity and to who?


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i start one evry second it seems and usually dumb issues. that what the lounge is for...isnt it?


i thought the lounge was a place to talk about other subjects other than coldplay... :thinking:

starting dumb threads every second is just spam... :rolleyes:

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The part I love about this thread is the "to who" bit in the title as if you'd say the name of the girl (or guy) when you live in another country/state and ColdplayCold would respond, "Oh God, yeah, that one, great time, fun for all!" Hypothetically speaking (of course)


And it should be "to whom" not "to who" - but lets not nitpick

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Ari, it wouldn't be the same.




I'm gonna step up to the plate and tell my story. The When. And The Who.


Are you ready to begin? (Heh)


Okay. Here goes:


"Was a long and dark December, clearly I remember there was snow, white (and bloody freezing) snow, clearly I remember, from the rooftops they (the Pervs) were watching while we (edited out - family site after all) down below, far below..."


When? Who? Where? Tomorrow night kiddies! :P





That a late bloomer? Hope not! :lol:

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I think this is why I don't come to the Lounge as much as I used to.


This would actually be an interesting topic and thread if not for the unnecessary posts (no-one's actually answered the question yet...) and the in jokes and in groups.





Just to avoid being a hypocrite, I was 16. To who is not really something I'll disclose right now.

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