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Good pics of Jonny's new Rig!


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Left To Right On the Pedal Board:


Obsessive Compulsive Drive Fulltone



EH XO Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Pedal

I think he uses it in the solo of Violet Hill


Ibanez Tube Screamer



Thats all For now more information later!:)

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The solo on Violet hill doesn't sound like the POG to me. I'm pretty sure the OCD is what provides. the main heavy distortion for violet hill. I'm almost positive the POG is used in the first part of 42. other than that, I'm still trying to figure things out....:worried2:

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I think I've got it all figured now (apart from the custom made gear which is almost impossible to definatively id.


PEDALS (left to right):


Fulltone OCD




Pro Co RAT


Ibanez Tube Screamer


Boss TU2 (top)


HBE Power Screamer


Boss RV5


MXR Phase 90


Boss DD5


Line 6 DL4


RACK (top to Bottom):


Boss TU2


TC Electronics 2290 (x2)


Line 6 Echo Pro (x2) [i think this particular unit is no longer made]


Eventide H7600

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two of the pedals are expression pedals, not Wah's. One looks like it's connected to the reverb pedal and the other is probably for volume


As for the foot control. I'm assuming Jonny does most of his onstage controlling with the custom Mike Hill switcher on the main board. However, there is a Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro in the photo with the rack, But I'm guessing that's used off-stage by his tech to control his sound when he's away from his board.

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Edges gear makes my head hurt... He has about 10 times as much as johnny yeah. He doesn't even have pedals on the floor anymore. He just uses a 'Pandoras box' to a rack that can eat johns for dinner.


Ever wanna get into Edges delay and stuff, google edges delay....good page in there somewhere.

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During the Vertigo Tour edge had 57 guitars on the road!:laugh3:


His "rack" is actually two standard racks linked together and places side by side to allow for the sheer number of units.


His effects switcher (circa 2005):


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Though Dallas said thats not the worst, He reckons the worst is when Bono changes the setlist during the show and he then has to scramble for the right guitar and find the right sound on the computer within 30 seconds


Wroking with Bono can be very difficult. Though he helps make U2 amazing. Johnny is slowly getting up there on Edge greatness. Maybe in 20 years....

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"Are there also pics of Guy's pedals"


I've yet to find any clear photos of Guy's pedalboard yet, though it does seem like he has a fairly sizable board this tour as well. If I find anything, I'll be sure to post.

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I have a 72 thinline, natural finish with factory standard humbuckers. Its not custom or anything like im sure his is, but it plays very nicely. Great attack and the neck is slippery slick.


I also have a Boss DD-5 (similar to his DD-3), a Phase 90, Line6 DL4 (awesome pedal!), MXR Micro Amp (which it doesnt look like he is using this tour), and the ProCo Rat distort. I also have a Boss Tremolo which he used to use in the early days but doesn't look like he does now.


I don't have a DeVille Amp although I want one or a Vox amp.


Some day I hope to save up for a Rickenbacker 620 as well (same as Chris Urbanowicz from the editors uses, similar in feel to the thinline). Pricey though...

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