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The Official Phil is Hot thread (now known as the greet Phil thread :P)

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I can’t believe this film came out and no one ever said here how it’s a goldmine (also in itself) of Phil footage   

Not sure if this has been posted or not but I love this photo of Phil that Guy took

OMG why didnt i think of this? Yeah, Phil is super sexy. The other guys look almost... average looking next to him! Guy's position as resident Hot One is threatened!

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Aww I love it! :heart:

Only we die-hard Coldplayers know :smug:


He deserves his own place under the spotlight!


I know! We want more phil!


I mean how can you resist that cute little smile!:blush:


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Oh, more Philly pics after a few hours :wacky:

Thanks Loud Meditation! (don't know your name yet)

You can call me Ab :D


If I ever went to a Coldplay gig, I'd paint on my shirt a biiiiiiiig "Phil Is Bloody HAWT!" :smug:

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