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29-Oct-08: Boston - TD Banknorth Garden - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

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Tickets for Boston show on sale tomorrow! HELP?!


Last time I got tickets to their recent show here, it was so damn hard, and my seats were not the greatest. Ticketmaster took so long to load, everytime, I was afraid next time I'd re-load it would give me shittier tickets so I ended up just buying the ones I had. Did anyone find a good or better method for getting good seats??? I hate how we real fans get shity tickets cause of people who only wanna go because they think yellow was a cool song.

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They just tell you the tickets are in the CLUB SEATING, and in a few weeks they will send out the tickets. So, I don't know *much*, but when I get the tix, I'll be sure to post.


Good luck with the onsale today everyone!!!




^ OH YEAH!!!! :cool:


By the way, kellykell9 you're lucky you already got your seats! :P

just curious, but what section are they in?


I still have to wait for the general presale like everyone else..

*crosses fingers for tomorrow :bomb:

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So ticketmaster was slightly annoying, but I got tickets. I tried to get good floor seats, so my first try came up with seats in the very back of the floor... obviously I couldn't accept that so I tried again and after my 4 minute wait time they were all gone on the floor. So I settled for lower-level seats in Section 8... not exactly the closest but at least I'll have a good view of the stage. This'll be number 3 for me! So excited.

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I agree, it seems impossible to get great seats anymore from ticketdisaster.

I've been trying since ten on the dot and only get offered crappy seats. Mind you I would take them if it was my first or second concert but since this would of been my 7th time since 2003 I would really like to be up as close as possible. Out of the 6 times I've seen them so far, buying a total of 29 tickets for myself and kids, I estimate I've spent over $4000.00 on Coldplay! Not to mention of course the "convenience" charges. So, unless I somehow get great seats, have a great time I'm sure it will be a blast.

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attempt at boston tix...


they gave me row 16 of floor E but i'm not a big fan of the floor. i prefer loge so i ended up taking the seats in section 10. i do hate how it's impossible to get the BEST seats on ticketmaster...


^ Yeah, because about a million ruddy ticket brokers and people who just want to make a profit

scarf up all the good seats before the TRUE REAL fans can get a chance to see them....

And when they do see them, they're going for 3 x's the original price..:cry:


The best i got for floor was Floor H, row 6...

And Loge 10, row 9....



All I get now is balcony... which is not good...


Now Ticketmaster has Loge 20!

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HOLY COW!!! Check out bloody StubHub!

They have 5 freakin' pages of tickets!!! :o

I think they bought ALL of the tickets for god's sake!


Although, hahaha, they have Section A, Row 12...

ummm yeah.. $9 billion dollars... no thanks.




oh yeesh, and there's like 800 tickets for sale on ticketsnow.com



These places are ridiculous!

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^ It amazes me too how many tickets those places scoop up!

oh man... that stinks that you overslept. :(


I set my CLOCKS and was up at like the crack of dawn waiting for 10AM to come.

but I had trouble going to sleep the night before.... (was so EXCITED)


Hope you have better luck with the other places.

GA isn't on sale 'til tomorrow, but DC already is.

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I hear ya. The floor is really only good if you are in the front third, closest to the stage. Other than that it gets kinda annoying.


I disagree. I went to the first Boston concert this month and sat in floor section J and I had a great view and a great time.


(In all fairness, I'm 6'2" and we had seats right on the aisle between sections I and J.)

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I agree, it seems impossible to get great seats anymore from ticketdisaster.



Was there trying as soon as 10 am rolled around. Don't know how you guys managed to get good loge seats or floor seats all that kept coming up for me when I put in loge or floor were none available. When I put in best available I got loge a couple of time but sec 7 and 8, up high, way too far away IMHO. Floor NEVER came up no matter what I asked for.


After and hour of dicking around and typing those stupid secirty thingys I ended up back in the balcony yet again. but at least closer to the stage in section 302

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i got loge 10, row 12. they arent as good as my 8/4 tickets but i'm fine with them. how did everyone else do?


Hey Boston Sports!


It just occured to me that Loge 10 should be great but cause isn't that the general area where they popped up for the busking/acoustic short set?


I'll wave to you from waaaaaaaaaay across in my balcony 302, row 8 - 1&2 seats, lol.

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I cant get find tickets! Anyone have an extra ticket (private message me). Im going to try working for oxfam but im not sure they will be at our date.





Oxfam has mentioned the 4 new dates in their blog so they should be there.




good luck with the tickets. Keep checking ticket master, they sometimes release more.

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Not to be a worrier here :\, but I've been snooping around for tix

and I noticed that StubHub and those other ticket places have seats in the first 3 sections that claim

to go out as far as "Row 9, 10, 11, 12".


Originally I thought it was because the tickets weren't legit, but now I'm starting to wonder...there's at least several up for sale like that. Hmmm...


I thought that sections A,B,C only have 7 rows....:confused:

Can anyone confirm the seating for the show?

(I don't really see why they would change it from last time)

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