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Tropical storms

Matter-Eater Lad

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Ugh, I'm so stressing out about Gustav. Its coming right to my area and everyone is freaking out after what happened with Katrina. No power and water for days again UGH!!!!!:angry:


Good luck. The gulf coast always get storms that are worse then the ones we get in Florida. I'll pray for you and be safe.


It also looks like Another Hurricane is coming my way too. Hanna is moving closer to Florida, but at least it's still far enough away that its path could change and not hit us.

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We were really lucky with Gustav. We were planning on leaving the area but traffic was so bad coming out of New Orleans and such so we just decided to try our luck staying home. We've had no major damage and no power outages where I live so far. Its still raining like crazy so we've had some minor flash flooding but thats about it. Now there are like 4 more storms to worry about. I hope everyone in their paths stay safe!!!

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