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Everything's Not Lost / In My Place / Lost!?


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What's with this theme of losing or being lost?


So if you ever feel neglected, and if you think that all is lost, I'll be counting up my demons, yeah, hoping everything's not lost


I was lost, I was lost, crossed lines I shouldn't have croseed, I was lost, oh yeah


Just because I'm losing doesn't mean I'm lost, doesn't mean I've stopped, doesn't mean I'm across


So I take it they're not Lost! Or maybe they are Lost? :confused: :confused: :D

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Not only that but they have one color song in each album-



Green Eyes

White Shadows

Violet Hill


And also Life in Technicolor and the second version.

Blue Room EP.


I agree with Tonsu, most creative people have a lot of themes in whatever they do, no matter what they do.

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