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HELP! Can you help me make a playlist worth playing with coldplay songs?


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Hey guys! can you help me make a playlist for my mP3 which im planning to,,,,,,

Ive got most of coldplays amazing songs from the 3 albums( i never thougHT X&Y was that bad at all) plus their ep's so im trying to get songs from other artists which can be played and matched with the coldplay songs. Any suggestions would be good from any artist with a song/ songs preferably i like rock especially alternative! This may sound weird but I think british artists are kinda of my forte in music.


I dont know any U2 songs much which im wondering about.. and some Oasis i only know some amazing songs they have..and some radiohead pls.! Im willing and open for your whole hearted suggestions!:D


And im sorry to tell you guys,,,,,, i didnt like the Keane single "spiralling" at all..:sneaky: i found the song weird!:angry:

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Definitely include Sigur Ros in your playlist, their song 'Hoppipola' and most of the songs from the () album. Also, try out the Arcade Fire's Funeral Album. Very good stuff.


Radiohead... definitely have 'Paranoid Android', 'Fade Out', and 'Fake Plastic Trees'.


Have you tried listening to some Beatles?

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Yes! The Beatles must be included! British music wouldn't have been the same without them.


I agree with cephaus, Sigur Ros and Radiohead are definitely worth the listen.


As you were asking about U2, maybe stuff like 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' would be a good start.


And maybe some Muse... 'Plug In Baby', 'Hysteria', 'Dead Star', 'Stockholm Syndrome', 'Map of the Problematique' etc


Have fun assembling your playlist :nice:

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Radiohead... definitely have 'Paranoid Android', 'Fade Out', and 'Fake Plastic Trees'.


It's not only Fade Out, it's Street Spirit (Fade Out)


Otherwise - Radiohead: House of Cards, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Let Down, The Bends, Weird Fishees / Arpeggi, Reckoner, Idioteque ..... and many more :D Also High & Dry.


Theeen ... I'd include lots of Coldplay b-sides. :nice:




U2 - Where the streets have no name, One, Elevation, Beautiful day, Sometimes you can't make it on your own (not too sure about the title), Desire

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Dont be too down on Keane, there last 2 albums were brilliant, Everybodys Changing, Crystall Ball, Is it any wonder, Realy great songs before they went wierd with spiralling.


Gotta have some radiohead, Karma Police, Street Spirit, Creep, The Bends.


If your going for bands similar to Coldplay, Travis is definately worth a go, Turn, Sing, Driftwood, Closer. Errm... Stereophonics, Oasis, The Doves, Elbow, U2, Manic Street preachers. And as somebody up /\ There said, try Muse. Muse and Coldplay go together brilliantly :)

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ok here I go:

Coldplay: Clocks, the scientist, god put a smile upon your face, viva la vida and 42

U2: with or without you, where the streets have no name, one, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, pride (in the name of love)

Radiohead: Karma Police, No surprises, Paranoid Android, Creep, House of cards

Sigur Rós: Hoppipolla, Staralfur, Saeglopur, Goobledigook

Oasis: Live forever, wonderwall, morning glory

Arcade Fire: Intervention, Rebellion (lies), Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), No cars go, wake up

Franz Ferdinand: Take me out, Do you want to

and I don't like a lot the beatles but yesterday, twist and shout, hey jude, she loves you are good songs

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Thnx guys i really aprreciate your reply's and yeah i do have pretty much of


1.THe killers

2. Muse

3. The Kooks

4. Greenday (perfect! with coldplay)

5. Some oasis but i dont have all their hits would like to know.....

6. Some radiohead

thats all i have still.....

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People are gonna bash you for having Green Day in there methinks, but Green Day is Coldplay's opposite in the alternative arena - where Coldplay is sort of more on the soofting soft gentle side Green Day is a bit more upfront and in-your-face :P

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i agree with Sigur Ros. My pick would be olsen olsen.

If you like something slow and easy listen you should check out Kings of convenience.

hmm I love that'' standing next to me '' song by the last shadow puppets :D

Maybe Guster?? satellite and stuff.

Elliott Smith...yeah i enjoy his music along with Coldplay..oo and The Smith..lovely :)

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Ok, I so understand your type of music, and TRAVIS fits perfectly in your mp3 player, methinks!


Here's the essential Travis songs you MUST-HAVE! :D


1. Turn

2. Driftwood

3. Side

4. Writing to Teach You (which has a Wonderwall riff to it)


For more of the unknown that might please the Sigur Ros fans, try Leaves' The Spell. They're a brilliant band from Iceland.


Then you can try a bit of Franz Ferdinand. Dip your toe into this pool:

1. Dark of the Matinee

2. Do You Want To

3. Take Me Out


Arcade Fire is the awesomeness from Canada:

1. Wake Up

2. Cold Wind

3. Intervention


Hmmm... Who else?


Oooh! ATHLETE. Holy crap. If you haven't heard them yet, then LISTEN TO THESE SONGS NOW:


1. Wires

2. The Outsiders

3. You Got the Style

4. Chances

5. Half Light

6. Best Not to Think About It.


Hope that helps!

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Don't Panic




Cemeteries Of London

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face



Life In Technicolor

A Rush Of Blood To The Head


Strawberry Swing

Everything's Not Lost

Viva La Vida

Death And All His Friends

Violet Hill

Lovers In Japan (Acoustic)

In My Place



The Scientist

This is mine, hope you like!

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