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Petition to play Cemeteries of London


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If I do get to all three London gigs in December I'll be gutted if they don't play it (though I completely think they will make the 'debut' there! :D)


On the other hand I'll be gutted if they don't play Yes once - live with the outro it's marginally the better of the two, that outro's just crazy:dance:


Of course if they made one for Cemeteries (equally deserving!) I'd just be upset they didn't play both each and every single night - top tunes :beatnik:

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I agree the Yes outro is stunning :stunned:


I'd be surprised if the play CoL, I think it's just one of those songs that will never be played live. Like A Whisper or Twisted Logic.


I used to think that, but have been amazed how much they've embraced the whole of the new album on tour - so I live in a permanent state of hope!! :)

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