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High School Musical 3


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Yeah I saw it this weekend. The beginning was alright but it picks up. Vanessa Hudgesns or whatever sounds really young though. Her voice got on my nerves a bit, it's quite nasally.


very cute movie though. Some parts are a bit ridiculous in the way that all disney movies are, but it's not too hard to get past. There's a bit of disconnect between some of the actors talking to singing though, which is to be expected. I liked it the movie a lot though. Easy to pick at, but enjoyable. :)


I just graduated high school last year and was seeing it with my old high school friends which was nice. Had somequite reminicing about our last year together.


I also make a point not to get involved in pointless arguments on the boards. HorrificAttack, your comment is pointless. That's all I'm going to say.


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ps. you're an extra knob for having joey barton as your sig, I hope you die. LOL


He's there for this exact reason, look at him kissing that badge


I'm not from Heaton, I'm from Kingston Park


twin4life, I had to express my disgust in some way, you choking on a penis was the first thing that came to mind

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Across the Universe was a bit hit and miss tbh.


The best thing I have ever seen thanks to HSM, was for a scavenger hunt at Chicago Uni (I think) they recorded, in a real dining hall, the scene from HSM1 where they all sing at lunch time, the look on people's faces was amazing as they had no idea it was supposed to happen

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I hope you choke on a penis.


ok so I'm from the same place as this knob, and usually I don't agree with him but I have to on this occasion, if you went to see this movie, you owe it to yourself to take your own life. :P



As if there isn't enough of this kind of talk in the rest of my life, now it has to ruin this forum too.


Sad day...

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