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The Cutesie names your parents use to call you thread


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my parents seemed to always call me when i was young(er): doll doll, boo boo doll, baby, pumpkin, dolly, sweety etc. i think they had an obsession with the word doll. my grandma use to (and still does) call me the phoenix cos i can somehow rise out of the ashes or anything bad per say. lol those names are so embarrassing to me and they'd say it in front of my friends. :embarassed: oh yeah, and my friends just call me Indy.


so, if any, what cutesie/embarrassing nick name did your parents give you when you were young? :dozey:

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emily....i think you're briggs :bigcry:

which made me crack up on the previous page when i thought that briggs's mom used to call him emily shannon....



i didn't have any weird family names, really, but in high school i had a ton. the main one i got called all the time by EVERYONE, even some teachers i was close to, was "smell." that's a really long story behind that one.


i was also called "abdullah," "cookie," "carmen," and probably a few others that i have to think of.


in my family, everyone calls my brother "boy." it just is that way. rarely have i ever said his real name.

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