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When will Prospekt's March leak?


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Welllll personally i'm going crazy waiting for this to leak. so i though we could at least make a little guessing game out of it! also, any post containing something along the lines of: THIS NEEDS TO LEAK!!!!! belongs here!


i'm gunna vote for friday. but if it leaks the same amount of time before the technical release date as VlV did it would leak tomorrow!


(I stopped the poll at November 18 because it's out the 19th in Japan)

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Well, VLV leaked exactly one week before its release in Japan. Prospekt's March is actually going to release in exactly one week there... So hopefully soon, but maybe since it's an EP and not as big, it won't leak.. I dunno though, I can't imagine it not leaking even a day or two before the release in Japan.


We'll see, I guess.

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im dying. i need this to leak NOW. seriously its getting disgusting... all i think about when im not at home is getting home to check if its leaked and when im on my computer i refresh coldplaying a million times and ive gone on like intense hunts on torent websites to see if i can find anything. THIS INSANITY NEEDS TO END.

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