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Hi from a new member


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i just thought i'd say hi, i'm new. I've been a coldplay fan for a while, and i really get into bands when i become fans. i first started liking them when i was looking for songs to play on piano, and i kept seeing that a band called "coldplay" was piano based. so i looked them up, and now i've learned clocks, speed of sound, viva la vida, and i just learned postcards from far away.


i'd have to say yellow, postcards from far away, and glass of water are my favorite songs right now from them.


i also enjoy the piano version of the hardest part they do live now (it kept coming up when i typed in postcards from far away piano, so i watched it and it was awesome!). I just can't find a version of it where there isn't screaming fans that block it out.


sorry for writing so much.

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hi! im also a new member here, and i dont understand so much about the site :o

but i just have to say hi to you ;) i love to play piano to, and i can also play clocks. its a fun song to play on piano.

so yeah.. HI :cool:

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Hi and welcome to the biggest Coldplay fansite!!!

Keep practicing their songs on piano!


I tried to find a good vid of "The Hardest Part" live with less screams.

Try this one. (Maybe I'm biased because it's from Boston :D)


I love that Will sings too :heart:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79-6qcsX1cE]YouTube - Coldplay - The Hardest Part / Viva La Vida - Boston Garden - 10/29/2008[/ame]

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Glad you could join our merry troupe stingemrays13!:)

And I'm very gladdened that you enjoy learning the piano versions; although not quite the originals, they are fun nonetheless to learn.. (just a note: on what synthesizers add to these pieces - automatic accompaniments and all. Sometimes it's worth it to de-construct the originals, and get a better "feel" for their truer structure and sounds).

So, where are you from, and what's you're name??


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