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Greetings From Texas!

Technicolour TX

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Hey everyone --


New member here. Just wanted to say "hi" and look forward to having fun with everyone on this forum! :lol:


Although I heard of Coldplay for years, I unfortunately never paid much attention to their music. When "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" came out last year, I gave it a shot because of Brian Eno's involvement. I was absolutely floored at the album. It was polished, mature, somewhat dark in places....yet hopeful and full of life and energy....absolutely brilliant. I never pick and choose certain tracks off the album to listen to. I either listen to the entire album at once or not at all. It's a complete package to me. I fell in love with it instantly and carried the torch for Coldplay since.


I was fortunate enough to see the band in Dallas in November, and it was breathtaking. Then I heard they were coming back in July 2009 (tickets go onsale this Friday) and I plan on seeing them again. Their last show in Dallas was outstanding. This one will be even better!


So anyway, I'm a late bloomer regarding Coldplay, but have gone into their back catalog and listened to what I've missed over the years, and I love it all. And I came across this forum a few times on internet searches, so I figured it was time to jump in and meet other fans.


I'm here in beautiful Austin, TX. I have two adorable children and love all kinds of music, especially Genesis (Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks), The Killers, Steve Winwood, Neil Diamond, etc. All kinds.


Glad to meet you all !!

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