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Bono's Coldplay Envy


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An article that I'm sure Chris would find flattering:



Bono's Coldplay envy

Wednesday, 25 February 2009




Bono thinks Chris Martin is "one of the most important meldoists" in music.


The U2 frontman admits his band worry about the threat posed by their rivals, including Chris' band Coldplay and Las Vegas rockers The Killers.


Bono said: "In our heads we're up against Coldplay and The Killers. You've got to keep an eye on the youth.


"Coldplay are such an extraordinary band with such song writing talent. I think Chris Martin is one of the most important melodists since Noel Gallagher, since Ray Davies or since Paul McCartney. He's in the line of great British melodists. I love the fact that The Killers want to get their songs on the radio too."


Despite a career spanning 33 years, the 'Get On Your Boots ' singer says the quartet are "constantly fighting for our lives" to keep people interested in them.


He added to BBC Radio 1: "A lot of people have a U2 album. Why would they want another one is a very good question.


"We have to fight very hard to explain why we think it's worth coming along for the ride with us. That's how we feel."

The group's 12th studio album, 'No Line On The Horizon', is released on 2 March.




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:nice: i love bono.


i know the critics and most people are loving no line on the horizon, but in my opinion, i really think bono SHOULD be watching U2's back a bit, since i think VLVOD is a much stronger and varied album.


Did you hear the album? Where can you listen to it?

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That was a very nice surprise from Bono there, to say that about Chris as a songwriter and Coldplay as a band. Could this perhaps change a few other critics' minds? :inquisitive: Guess we'll wait and see...


Chris is probably blushing. If it was Thom Yorke who said it, though, Chris might have gone quite literally insane.



Thom still has game. He's not going to say it anytime soon, imo, but if/when he does...:shocked2:

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Coldplay will need to explore more creative routes to make inroads on U2's legacy. U2 are so legendary, and so firmly entrenched in the psyche of the collective rock n' roll mindset. That comes after 25 years of amazing, groundbreaking albums, not after 10 years and 4 dubiously innovative efforts. That's not to disparage Coldplay at all. They're my favorite band.

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